Before you travel internationally, update your Visa® Debit Card!

When traveling internationally, please notify us at least one day prior to your departure, to help prevent interrupted service with your FCB Visa® Debit Card. Notifying FCB will ensure your purchases are not blocked by our fraud monitoring system. Without notification of your travel, we may block usage of your Visa® Debit Card when transactions are identified outside your normal spending habits or in blocked countries. Please contact one of our local branch managers to ensure uninterrupted service on your FCB Visa® Debit Card.


Please Read this Important Alert.
First Chatham Bank’s web page should never be accessed from a link provided by a third party. It should only be accessed by typing the Web site name or address in the Web browser or by using a “book mark” that directs the Web browser to First Chatham’s website. A financial institution should not, and First Chatham Bank will not, send email messages to you that request confidential information such as account numbers, passwords, PIN numbers, social security numbers, date of birth, etc. Never respond to any such request, no matter how authentic it looks, and report such an incident to the bank.

To read more about fraudulent schemes and identity theft, please refer to the following websites provided by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC): - “10  Ways to Avoid Fraud” and - “Identity Theft: What to Know, What to Do"

Fake Check Scam – In a nutshell, if anyone you don’t know tries to pay you for something by check and wants you to wire money back, or wants to send you a check and asks that you to wire funds back, it is a SCAM! There is no legitimate reason for someone who is giving you money to ask you to wire it back.