Customer Awareness

Notice to Mobile App Users

Over the weekend of March 5th, the FCB Mobile App was updated resulting in the following changes:

  • The Mobile App and Online Banking passwords are now synchronized enhancing mobile banking security. Previously, users could access the Mobile App with an expired Online Banking password. This improved security causes any user using an expired Retail Online password to be unable to log on to the Mobile App with that same password.
  • If the Online Banking password is expired and a login attempt is made you will receive the following message: “We are unable to validate your information. Please try again or check that your login credentials are setup correctly in online banking. If problems continue please call us at 912-754-2265 for assistance.”
  • If you are receiving this error message please try to reset your Mobile App password HERE. If after resetting your password you are still unable to access your account, contact your local branch and they will assist you in unlocking your account.

Effective March 26th the FCB Mobile App will only work on:

  • Mobile Devices on Android KitKat (Level 20) and above
  • Mobile Devices on iOS 8 and above (iPhone 4S and Above, iPad2 and Above)

For anyone experiencing issues following March 26th please update the Operating System (OS) on your mobile device. Contact your local branch for more information or immediate assistance.

At this time your Mobile App password cannot be reset or updated from within the Mobile App. To reset or update your Mobile App password, it must be changed from the Online Banking login page accessed via the web browser of a PC or mobile device. Click on the link HERE to access this page. If you are locked out from the Mobile App or Online Banking, click HERE to contact your local branch for immediate assistance.

We are pleased to announce the release of the upgraded Mobiliti TouchBanking App. In addition to technical modifications improving system performance, security, and supporting larger images associated with the iPhone 6, the upgrade brings a completely new user experience to iPhone and Android smartphone apps, including the following enhancements:

  • Redesigned More menu
  • Instant Balance feature
  • What's New? tutorials

The Instant Balance feature gives you the ability to securely check account balances without logging into the app. Instant Balance uses the same preauthenticated balance inquiry that are used for delivering balances via text message. Once the app has been updated, it may require you to install the update on your mobile device before using the app. After the updating the app, you may be presented with a What’s New? Tutorial introducing the Instant Balance feature explaining how to turn it on, use it, etc. Contact your local branch for more information.